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Bryan is responsible for maintaining the firm’s day-to-day technology infrastructure. Bryan provides support to our wealth management teams by aligning technology solutions for client delivery.

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What do you enjoy most about working at Modera?

Working with an industrious, dedicated team using technology to make an impact in clients’ lives and providing a secure and stable environment to enable the delivery of services in a safe and reliable manner.

When you’re not working you’re…?

I’m usually spending time with family, attending my daughter’s ballet recitals and performances. I’m often found tinkering with electronics with soldering iron in hand or playing guitar in my local cover band.

What’s a destination in the world that you aspire to visit?

I’d like to visit Monaco and see the Monaco Grand Prix.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world, but I still live in my home town.

Bryan’s Insights

COVID-19 and Cyber Health: “Think Before You Click”

In these unprecedented times, we are confronted with change in many aspects of our lives. Some of these changes in circumstance require changes in our current behavior and often they introduce completely new tools and behaviors to learn and put into practice. The changes have not gone unnoticed by bad actors who will not hesitate to exploit any uncertainty, fear or change. There has been an astronomical increase in coronavirus themed spam recently, with some vendors reporting increases of 14,000%.

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