Catalyzing Change

On Episode 15 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Mindy Neira speak with Cyndie Chang, Managing Partner of Duane Morris’s Los Angeles office. Cyndie talks about her trajectory in law and her creative approach

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

On Episode 11 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby of Modera talks to Steve Ryder, the founder of True North Networks, a provider of managed hosting technology, cybersecurity, and IT services. Steve talks about his

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The Big Need for a Plan

On Episode 10 of Decision Dialogues, Modera CEO Tom Orecchio and COO Mark Willoughby speak to estate planning attorney Mary Browning of Cole Schotz, P.C. In addition to sharing some useful career insights, Mary

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Willing to Take a Risk

On Episode 9 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty and Mark Willoughby have a conversation with Ruthanne Roth, Founder and Managing Partner of Aster Talent Partners. Ruthanne discusses her decision to branch out as an

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Nourishing the Soul

Episode 7 of Decision Dialogues brings Mike Merida, chef and owner of Rockin’ Roots, to the show to speak with Mark Willoughby and Jennifer Faherty. Mike is a longtime Michelin star chef who also

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