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Financial Planning Through a Client’s Life Stages

Are you protecting your financial future from its most significant risks? Are you investing your savings in a manner that is in line with your financial goals? Are taxes consuming more of your income than they should? For years, we have used an age-based financial map to help guide our clients towards their financial goals. We figure it is about time that we share the wealth (pun entirely intended).

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Lessons in Longevity

Like many people, I’m coming out of the pandemic much more aware about how fragile life is and how important it is to stay on top of one’s health. Similar to investments, we don’t always know what’s on the horizon, but what we can do is focus on the things we can control.

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Retirement Saving for the Self-Employed

Did you start a new business or a new role as an independent consultant? Have you considered that you might be able to save a portion of your income for retirement? Many people are not aware that retirement saving plan options are available for business owners and individuals who are self-employed-not just for those who work at large corporations.

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The Great Resignation: Before You Commit to Quit

Often referred to as “The Great Resignation,” people have been quitting or changing their current jobs like never before, looking for greener pastures and a perceived better quality of life. Are you mulling over an early retirement? Perhaps you are thinking of a job change; self-employment, a job at a new company or temporary time away from your current position. Regardless of your reason or goal, there are several things to consider before resigning from your current job.

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Summer Party Time: Are You Protected?

Welcome to summer, when warmer weather ushers in all kinds of fun events — pool parties, barbeques, boating, and of course the more formal gatherings like birthday parties and weddings. After a period of pandemic precautions, we are all eager to enjoy the company of friends and family without restrictions. But before you party like it is 2019 again, you may want to take one more precaution: evaluate your personal liability exposure.

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Control What You Can Control: Minimize Your Vulnerabilities

What is risk, and how do we manage it? These are age-old questions when it comes to both investing and life. This is particularly the case today when we have a new and unpredictable war to contend with in Eastern Europe, lingering pandemic concerns, cybersecurity threats, and 40-year highs in inflation.

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Tax Season’s Over, Now What?

Since you have just finished and filed this year’s return, the last thing you probably want to do is think about next year’s tax return. But the best time to prepare for next year’s tax return is early in the current calendar year, to allow you many months to make any needed adjustments.

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Rattlesnakes, Instincts, and Investing

Not all patterns are real, and sometimes it’s a really bad idea to react as if they were. Financial patterns are a prime example. You don't have to listen to the financial press for more than about 10 minutes to hear a talking head explain that “the charts” are indicating such and such, or that the recent trends in the price of whatever indicate a looming recession or a vibrant economy. There are at least two problems with these sorts of “patterns.”

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Tax Scams: The “Dirty Dozen” to Avoid

For some old movie buffs out there, the “Dirty Dozen” might harken back to the famous 1967 war movie. But there is another dirty dozen that requires watching and that is the Internal Revenue Service’s “Dirty Dozen” list of potential tax scams.

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Risk Management Strategies for Ophthalmologists

Whether you are just starting out in ophthalmology or own your own practice, it is never too early (or late) to consider your risk management plan. Many risk factors can come into play for ophthalmologists that go beyond malpractice. This article offers some suggestions and strategies to consider throughout your career.

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