Taxation: What’s Next?

Rosalind Sutch of Drucker & Scaccetti joins Chas for episode 29 of The Wealth Cast, and she shares her insight into potential changes in tax law for 2021, as well as various tax-reducing strategies

2021-09-22T09:39:52+00:00The Wealth Cast|

On the Limits of Arbitrage

On episode 28 of The Wealth Cast, Eduardo Repetto of Avantis Investors joins Chas to discuss the Limits of Arbitrage, a concept which explains strange price action in the markets. With “meme stocks” such

2021-09-22T09:42:03+00:00The Wealth Cast|

Risk, Patience, and Perserverance

On episode 27 of The Wealth Cast, Chas talks to Brian Tierney, CEO of Brian Communications, about the successes and setbacks he's faced in a long entrepreneurial career. He shares his deep marketing insights, what to

2021-09-22T09:43:14+00:00The Wealth Cast|
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