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Charles P. Boinske, CFA®

Principal, Wealth Manager, & Chief Visionary Officer

Christopher “Cory” White, CFP®
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Chas Boinske is nationally recognized as a trusted resource on complex financial issues faced by high-net-worth individuals and institutions. A pioneer in the use of Monte Carlo simulations in financial planning, he has published and spoken regularly on the topic. During his more than 30 years in the investment management industry, he has been a featured speaker at national conferences, including the J.P. Morgan Wealth Management Conference, the Financial Planning Association, and the DFA Advisors College.

Professional Designations

Chartered Financial Analyst®


Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Economics

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What do you value most in your client relationships?

I enjoy getting to know clients who have varied interests and backgrounds. The richness of those relationships is what makes the job interesting and fulfilling.

What's the one thing people say you're best at?

Doing the work that creates the right set of conditions that assists them to go confidently into the future.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I grew up near the small village of Kimberton, Pa where I fished on local streams to my heart’s content. I now live in central Pa in the town of State College, the home of Penn State University.

Chas’s Insights

Rattlesnakes, Instincts, and Investing

Not all patterns are real, and sometimes it’s a really bad idea to react as if they were. Financial patterns are a prime example. You don't have to listen to the financial press for more than about 10 minutes to hear a talking head explain that “the charts” are indicating such and such, or that the recent trends in the price of whatever indicate a looming recession or a vibrant economy. There are at least two problems with these sorts of “patterns.”

What’s Fly Fishing Got to Do with Investing?

When you’re on the water, it's tranquil. It’s hard to think of anything other than the small “fly” on the end of your line that rides softly along the current. In my fishing-induced meditative state, sometimes my thoughts turn to what makes some investors more successful than others

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