How to Upload and Download Documents:

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Hello and welcome. This is a quick video tutorial on uploading and downloading documents to the Modera client. Hub. First is a reminder to access the Modera client hub. Go to the Modera website, and find the client login tab on the upper right-hand corner. A screen will pop up where you can enter your login information. If you’ve forgotten what that is, you can always recovery here and you’ll receive an email to reset it. Once logged into the Modera client hub, go to the documents fault area. Now to upload a document from your computer, simply go to the actions tab and select post document, select this area, select or drop files here and locate your document that you’d like to upload on your computer and hit open. You’ll see, see it appear here. And from here, you can enter a description if you’d like, and then hit post and it will appear in our client hub.

Once it is uploaded, your Modera team will receive a notice that a document has been posted and we will follow up with you as needed from there. Now to download a document that Modera has posted for you. For example, an account application that we might need you to sign and return to us, go to the document and vault area. Again, from here, you have two options. Click on the document that you’d like to download and print. In this case, the fidelity individual account application, click on the square next to it. Didn’t go back to the actions area and hit download, or you can click the selected document and then go to the arrow button next to it. And from here, download the document where you can then review it and print it. One important note, please do not select the document from the title link here for opening and downloading the document. This will download a blank page and will not show any information that we have pre-filled on your behalf. So, it’s always a best practice to either download the document by hitting the square here and going to the actions tab or going to this arrow next to the document. We hope that you found this quick tutorial on uploading and downloading documents on the Modera client hub. Useful to give any questions on these tasks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.