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Thank you again for participating in our 2020 Client Survey that went out at the end of last year. Your responses helped to re-affirm what we are doing well. They also provided invaluable insight on how we can better tailor our services to meet your needs.

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We’ve identified some immediate next steps and will continue to incorporate your feedback throughout the year.  

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Modera Insights

Proposed Tax Plan: Preliminary Perspectives

The Biden administration and the U.S. Treasury have recently announced several tax proposals, with policy debate now underway in both houses of Congress. Clarifications and details will emerge over the coming months as some proposals are amended or eliminated and new provisions considered. Any final legislation will likely differ from its current form. We are sharing our preliminary perspectives in this communication.

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Collecting Collectibles? Consider this.

When you think of collectibles, the first things that may come to mind are your baseball card collection, the Persian rug in your living room, or the 1967 Ford Mustang in the garage. While these items may have sentimental value, they may also have monetary value.

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To Roth or Not to Roth

A Roth conversion is simply the process of taking a pre-tax IRA (that grows tax-deferred until withdrawn) and converting it into a Roth IRA, paying the taxes now, and allowing it to grow tax-free until withdrawn.  Roth conversions are generally good for people that pay at lower tax rates today than they anticipate paying in the future.

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