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Brandy K. Wright, CDFA®, CFP®

Wealth Manager

Brandy K. Wright, CDFA®, CFP®2019-05-23T17:39:53+00:00
Brandy K. Wright CDFA®, CFP®

Brandy specializes in working with Fortune 500 executives, executive retirees, divorcees, widows, and women and has extensive experience designing and implementing complex financial plans for them.     

Professional Designations:



Georgia State University, M.B.A.

Georgia Southern University, B.A., Finance

What do you value most in your client relationships?

Becoming involved in their lives – getting to know their families and their children and seeing their grandchildren grow up. I enjoy celebrating milestones and personal successes with them – being an extended member of the family.

What sparked your interest in financial planning? What fuels you every day in your work?

My family grew corn and peanuts and we had cows and timber land.  My first introduction to finance was to learn, watch, and understand the futures pricing on corn and peanuts, pay attention to weather patterns and the Farmer’s Almanac, and to sell our crops in advance of harvest before the market was flooded with supply.

I’m good at math and problem solving and I wanted to do something to help others. Financial planning was the perfect way to help others without being a doctor or dentist because I’m scared of needles.

When you retire you’re going to…?

Reality – I’ll likely never retire….have you seen my daughter?  She’ll forever be on my payroll! 

My Dream – to move to a harbor address in Key West, FL and live full time on a 98 ft, four- cabin Princess yacht named “Wishes Came True” and travel around the Caribbean Islands.

Where did you grow up?

I am a small town, farm-raised girl. I grew up in a one-caution-light community with the nearest city having only two red lights. 

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