John Foligno

John provides leadership and guidance to the firm’s brand strategy and marketing communications and works cross-functionally with departments and management to realize the firm’s vision. John is also responsible for overseeing the execution of the firm’s strategic plans and supports business development efforts to enhance the firm’s growth.


Syracuse University, Marketing Management and Financial Management with a concentration in Economics

What do you enjoy most about working at Modera?

The mission and values of the firm are so well aligned with my own. And, the people are truly kind and thoughtful as we truly care about helping our clients reach their goals.

When you’re not working you’re…?

Exercising and sharing time with family.

What’s the best career advice you ever got?

Don’t just follow the path that is set before you. Define your personal mission and then go live it fully.

What’s a destination in the world that you aspire to visit?

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

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