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Decision Dialogues

Decision Dialogues

Are you paving the way for the life you want? Facing decisions that may affect you personally and financially? The Decision Dialogues Podcast, brought to you by Modera Wealth Management, presents personal stories covering pivotal moments and their impact on one’s overall financial goals.

In a world where money matters are often unspoken, you will hear candid, personal accounts from a wide spectrum of successful individuals. You will learn about the decisions they faced— and gain inspirational perspectives you can use when the time comes for you to make critical choices of your own.

You have the power to write your own story.

Patients First: Success in Medical Practice

On Episode 22 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Tom Orecchio welcome Dr. Sameera Daud of Metropolitan Endocrinology in Edgewater, New Jersey, to talk about her experiences as a new small business owner. Having previously worked for another private practitioner for twelve years, Dr. Sameera talks about how now, running her own practice, she is able to make business

Advocacy and Empowerment

On Episode 21 of Decision Dialogues, Mindy Neira joins Jennifer Faherty to speak with Maria McGinley, Managing Partner at Mayerson and Associates. Maria discusses how she decided on a major career shift from teaching to law, through which she represents the families of children with autism and other disabilities. She also offers advice to other women pursuing law, emphasizing

Bold, Innovative Entrepreneurship

On Episode 20 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty and Victoria Consoles speak with Deepak Shrivastava, CFO of The Flex Company, co-founder of Porter & Sail, and former CEO of Hotel Credits. Deepak discusses the risks he navigated as he took the leap to start Porter & Sail. He shares insights on how he raised capital and incubated a startup

Striking a Healthy Balance

On Episode 19 of Decision Dialogues, Victoria Consoles and Mark Willoughby are joined by Dr. Cathy Gurman, who co-runs Westwood Family Chiropractic with her husband, Dr. Jett Gurman. Cathy discusses her experience starting a practice directly out of chiropractic school, shares insights on how she balances her business, her patients, and her family life, and highlights the importance of

Sweet Success

On Episode 18 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty and Tom Orrechio are joined by JJ Krachtus, president of Conrad's Confectionery in Westwood, New Jersey. Conrad's has been serving candy and ice cream in Bergen County since 1928. JJ talks about this multi-generational, family-owned business, the decisions he made which led to him “taking over” the enterprise, and the many

Passion for What You Do

On Episode 17 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty hosts a discussion between Victoria Consoles and Lisa Cross, owner and operator of Sweat Threadz, a custom athletic clothing shop. Lisa talks about her unconventional career trajectory, working as a pediatric ICU nurse, then a triathlon coach, to founding Sweat Threadz. She provides insight into her decision making process and explains

Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Drive

On Episode 16 of Decision Dialogues, Karl Graf joins Jennifer Faherty to speak with Dr. Ruby Kim, who runs an independent medical practice, Premier Spine and Sports Medicine. Ruby discusses her decision to establish an independent practice and talks about how she weathered challenges while staying true to her vision for patient-centered care. She also shares insights on assuming

Catalyzing Change

On Episode 15 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Mindy Neira speak with Cyndie Chang, Managing Partner of Duane Morris’s Los Angeles office. Cyndie talks about her trajectory in law and her creative approach to solving problems for businesses. She discusses her passion for diversity and inclusion work and shares insights about mentorship, decision making, and more. Listen here:

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