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Decision Dialogues

Decision Dialogues

Are you paving the way for the life you want? Facing decisions that may affect you personally and financially? The Decision Dialogues Podcast, brought to you by Modera Wealth Management, presents personal stories covering pivotal moments and their impact on one’s overall financial goals.

In a world where money matters are often unspoken, you will hear candid, personal accounts from a wide spectrum of successful individuals. You will learn about the decisions they faced— and gain inspirational perspectives you can use when the time comes for you to make critical choices of your own.

You have the power to write your own story.

Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Drive

On Episode 16 of Decision Dialogues, Karl Graf joins Jennifer Faherty to speak with Dr. Ruby Kim, who runs an independent medical practice, Premier Spine and Sports Medicine. Ruby discusses her decision to establish an independent practice and talks about how she weathered challenges while staying true to her vision for patient-centered care. She also shares insights on assuming

Catalyzing Change

On Episode 15 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Mindy Neira speak with Cyndie Chang, Managing Partner of Duane Morris’s Los Angeles office. Cyndie talks about her trajectory in law and her creative approach to solving problems for businesses. She discusses her passion for diversity and inclusion work and shares insights about mentorship, decision making, and more. Listen here:

Preparation for Defining Moments

In Episode 14 of Decision Dialogues, Karl Graf joins Mark Willoughby to speak with William Glenn, Executive Chairman of Crenshaw Associates. Bill's career spans several decades and includes stints as the CEO of American Express, President at PepsiCo, and more. He discusses the decision he made to leave Pepsi, run a smaller company, and then return to Pepsi, the

Striking out on Your Own

On Episode 13, Mark Willoughby and Tom Orecchio speak to Chris Hliboki of Hliboki Law. Chris discusses his decision to strike out on his own as a solo legal practitioner after working as an associate for another firm in the early part of his career. He talks about the challenges he's faced, the rewards that decision and others have

Philanthropy as an Occupation

On Episode 12, Mark Willoughby and Victoria Consoles are joined by Deb Shames of Personal Best College Coaching to talk about the decisions she's made in her line of work. From finding a balance between helping as many students as possible and making a living, to how best to serve her families, decision making is at the heart of

Entrepreneurial Spirit

On Episode 11 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby of Modera talks to Steve Ryder, the founder of True North Networks, a provider of managed hosting technology, cybersecurity, and IT services. Steve talks about his decision to strike out on his own and found True North, and identifies what his biggest mistake was—which almost prevented True North from ever reaching

The Big Need for a Plan

On Episode 10 of Decision Dialogues, Modera CEO Tom Orecchio and COO Mark Willoughby speak to estate planning attorney Mary Browning of Cole Schotz, P.C. In addition to sharing some useful career insights, Mary talks about one of the most important decisions anyone can make, but one that is so often avoided—how one's affairs will be handled in the

Willing to Take a Risk

On Episode 9 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty and Mark Willoughby have a conversation with Ruthanne Roth, Founder and Managing Partner of Aster Talent Partners. Ruthanne discusses her decision to branch out as an entrepreneur after working in marketing and as a partner and managing director for various financial talent agencies earlier in her career. She cites her willingness

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