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Decision Dialogues

Decision Dialogues

Are you paving the way for the life you want? Facing decisions that may affect you personally and financially? The Decision Dialogues Podcast, brought to you by Modera Wealth Management, presents personal stories covering pivotal moments and their impact on one’s overall financial goals.

In a world where money matters are often unspoken, you will hear candid, personal accounts from a wide spectrum of successful individuals. You will learn about the decisions they faced— and gain inspirational perspectives you can use when the time comes for you to make critical choices of your own.

You have the power to write your own story.

Maxing Out Savings Decisions

On episode 5 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Jennifer Faherty talk to Gary Zimmerman, Managing Partner of Six Trees Capital LLC, and Founder of, an intelligent cash management solution that helps maximize yield and FDIC insurance coverage. They discuss Gary's decision to leave his career as an investment banker to found MaxMyInterest—from realizing there was a problem

The Importance of Flexibility

For episode 4 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Laurie Kane Burkhardt speak with Tracey Spruce, founding member of Spruce Law, LLC, an employment law firm in the Boston area. They delve deep with Tracey about her decision to branch out and start her own law practice even as she was pregnant with her second child over 15 years

Agile Adaptation

On episode 3 of Decision Dialogues, Brian Shoemaker, Founder and Principal Consultant at ShoeBar Associates, talks with Mark Willoughby and Laurie Kane Burkhardt about progressing from a relatively comfortable role as a quality manager, which left him feeling unfulfilled and yearning for more, into starting and running his own consultancy. Brian discusses the decisions he faced, the importance of

Keeping Ahead of Changing Trends

On episode 2 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Jennifer Faherty of Modera are joined by Chieh Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of online bulk grocery supplier Chieh talks about how dissatisfaction with his life as he saw it unfolding at a big law firm, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and his group of “a bunch of tech geeks,”

Hard Work and Personal Responsibility

On the inaugural episode of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Jennifer Faherty of Modera are joined by Monique de Maio, CEO of ondemand CMO. Monique talks about her varying experiences, starting with her family's “immigrant-itis” and its effect on the decisions she made as she started to mold her career path from a young age, working

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