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George T. Padula, CFA®, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer, Principal & Wealth Manager

George T. Padula CFA®, CFP®
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George specializes in small business owners, college planning, retirement planning, endowments and foundations and charitable giving.

Professional Designations

Chartered Financial Analyst®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™


Boston College, M.B.A.

Colby College, B.A., Psychology

Community Involvement/Leadership

Board of Overseers at Beth Israel Deaconess Milton Hospital

Volunteer, pro bono, financial planner for patients at Dana Farber Cancer Center in collaboration with the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts

Alumni Association of Boston College High School

Alumni Admissions interviewer for Colby College

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What do you value most in your client relationships?

Getting to know our clients and their families as not just clients, but as friends. Knowing that they trust me, and us, with very important and personal aspects of their lives is a humbling experience and something that I do not take for granted.

What’s the one thing people say you’re best at?

I would hope that colleagues and clients would say that I am clear, educational and understandable in my work and my approach.  I would hope that friends and family will say that I can be counted on, that I will be there to lend a hand, be supportive or be a listener whenever, wherever with no hesitation.

When you retire you’re going to…?

Ski or play professional hockey.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

Although I grew up in Milton, MA and live currently in Westwood, MA, I don’t have much of a BAWSTON accent, but can conjure one up if needed.

George’s Insights

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Identifying and Working Towards Your Personal Financial Goals

Modera Wealth Management is a fee only registered investment advisor firm. We specialize in financial planning and investment management to help our clients identify and work toward achieving their financial goals. We build deep financial relationships with our clients. It takes time, but we do this because we want our clients to feel confident that they’re making the right financial and investment decisions for themselves and their families. I say deep financial relationships because it’s a deeper interaction that we have with our clients. We want our clients to feel confident that we’re working in their best interests at all times. Our team of certified financial planners, we’d love to have a conversation with you on your financial goals and aspirations. Please give us a call to schedule your no obligation discussion on how Modera Wealth Management could help you.

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Booking an Engaging Personal Financial Speaker

Are you having trouble finding engaging speakers for your next organizational or company event. Are you looking for speakers who are educational, motivational, and won’t put people to sleep? Modera’s professionals can speak on many relevant topics to your organization. Topics such as the new tax laws, retirement income, wealth management, investment management, wealth transfer, equity-based compensation programs, stock options. Modera Wealth Management offers its professionals at no cost is speakers to your group to help educate on these personal, professional and financial planning topics. Please give us a call. We’d be more than happy to have a conversation about how we can help your event succeed.

2022 Q2 Investment Perspectives

The second quarter was challenging as the cornucopia of headline clichés were everywhere: soft landings, hard landings, economic jolts, wrenches getting thrown into the system, unprecedented times, etc. Take a deep breath. As difficult as this year has been, there are some things that we can hang our hat on looking forward.

Recent Market Volatility

There are three dominant issues at play for the economy and financial markets, and they all circle around the theme of uncertainty. The first issue is the timing and pace of interest rate increases. The second issue is stock valuations and volatility. And the third dominant issue involves both inflation uncertainty and the possibility of recession. We have been discussing these topics for a while, but what is changing is the order of prioritization and the degree to which they are contributing to investor uncertainty and market volatility.

2022 Q1 Investment Perspectives

Even though we are heading into the spring, it seems as if the market bulls are hibernating as the market bears awaken. No matter how much preparation and planning investors do to diversify portfolios, establish proper asset allocation and focus on long-term goals, it can seem like that is never enough when facing market volatility.

Not All Indexes Are Created Equal

This Article was first published on If we truly want to discuss the “market”, we need to define it, and one way to measure the performance of a particular market is by looking at an index.

Let’s Talk Bonds: Use a Telescope, not a Microscope

There are fears that rates will rise even further and so fast that the economy will slow dramatically at time when it still is somewhat on edge. So, what do you do in times like this? Remember to grab a telescope, instead of a microscope.

2021 Q4 Investment Perspectives

Happy New Year. What a year we had in 2021. Between the headlines with GameStop, Tesla, Bitcoin, oil prices, interest rates, inflation, Delta, Omicron, boosters, supply chains, PCRs, MRNA, ESG, and other various letters in the Greek alphabet, it was hard at times to think about the long-term. However, that’s what we do and what we want to emphasize - the long-term benefits of investment planning and strategies – while also giving some context to the current headlines dominating the news.

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