Meet Mr. C

Mr. C, an experienced U.S. sales director, was offered the opportunity to become vice president of sales for a fast-growing, private equity funded start-up company. At this point in his career he has been rapidly accumulating assets, maximizing his current company’s 401(k) contributions, and participating in his company’s deferred compensation plan. In addition, throughout the past decade, Mr. C. has received stock options at various strike prices, most of which are now vested.

Mr. C is very interested in the potential of this new career choice. But he also has many questions and some concerns. He doesn’t feel equipped to vet his new compensation plan, which includes equity. He doesn’t have the time or the expertise to accurately evaluate the financial and tax implications of exercising his current stock options and concentrated equity position. And he is daunted by having to manage several additional fluid elements of his financial life. He feels he would benefit from having a professional help him to identify all of the financial pitfalls and opportunities his new career offers.