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John Foligno

Financial Advisor

John Foligno
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John has nearly 30 years of professional work and coaching/mentoring experience, which included 10 years running his own business. Using empathy, active listening and thoughtful counsel, John advises business owners and professionals on how best to achieve their financial goals.


Syracuse University, Financial Management and Marketing Management with a concentration in Economics

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What sparked your interest in financial planning?

As a business owner for 10+ years, I learned the hard way how much I would have benefited from a financial steward who understands the myriad challenges of running a business. That experience, coupled with my passion for financial planning, enables me to relieve business owners of the day-to-day concerns about reaching their financial goals, which frees them to focus on their growth and ultimate exit strategy.

What fuels you every day in your work?

I have the honor of being able to live my personal mission every day. Through active listening and thoughtful counsel I inspire people to overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from accomplishing their goals, and help them to find enlightenment, fulfillment, and security.

What do you enjoy most about working at Modera?

The values of Modera are well aligned with my own. Everyone who works here truly cares about helping our clients achieve their objectives.

What’s the best career advice you ever got?

Don’t just follow the path that is set before you. Define how you want your life to be and then pursue it fully.

John’s Insights

An Effective Business Buyout Tool: a Cash Balance Plan

Many business owners transitioning into retirement know it can be beneficial when their younger partners choose to buy them out. However, finding a way to finance the buyout can post a significant obstacle for younger partners. While most aspiring owners may think that buying into a business can only be done with cash or loans, there is another option: a Cash Balance Plan – an innovative, hybrid retirement plan that may provide buyout funding opportunities along with an exit strategy that enables all the parties to benefit.

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