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NAPFA: Mindy Neira Recognized as NAPFA’s 2022 Inspiring Leader Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce that the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors(NAPFA) has recognized Modera’s Principal & Wealth Manager Mindy Neira (she, her) with the “2022 NAPFA Inspiring Leader Award.” “The NAFPA Inspiring Leader Award is presented to a member who has established a record of encouraging, motivating and engaging others in reaching their full professional potential under the auspices of the Association. This award has been presented for exceptional, long-term, service to NAPFA, primarily as a teacher, mentor or coach.” Mindy inspires us every day with her commitment to her clients and her colleagues at Modera. We could not be more proud that she has been recognized by NAPFA for her passion for bettering the industry through her leadership and example.

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Tax Season’s Over, Now What?

Since you have just finished and filed this year’s return, the last thing you probably want to do is think about next year’s tax return. But the best time to prepare for next year’s tax return is early in the current calendar year, to allow you many months to make any needed adjustments.

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Rattlesnakes, Instincts, and Investing

Not all patterns are real, and sometimes it’s a really bad idea to react as if they were. Financial patterns are a prime example. You don't have to listen to the financial press for more than about 10 minutes to hear a talking head explain that “the charts” are indicating such and such, or that the recent trends in the price of whatever indicate a looming recession or a vibrant economy. There are at least two problems with these sorts of “patterns.”

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Recent Market Volatility

There are three dominant issues at play for the economy and financial markets, and they all circle around the theme of uncertainty. The first issue is the timing and pace of interest rate increases. The second issue is stock valuations and volatility. And the third dominant issue involves both inflation uncertainty and the possibility of recession. We have been discussing these topics for a while, but what is changing is the order of prioritization and the degree to which they are contributing to investor uncertainty and market volatility.

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