Educating the public on financial planning matters and sharing our perspectives is a passion at Modera.

We often host educational events at our offices for clients, their families, and their friends.

Modera speakers are open to discussing the possibility of providing educational seminars to your organization on topics of your choice, at no cost to you.

Let us tailor a topic to your organization’s needs.

Our experience in the full spectrum of financial issues faced by those involved in the corporate and nonprofit worlds enables us to deliver customized presentations that are relevant and interesting to your audience.

Here’s a sampling of the topics we can cover:

  • Contributing to the Greater Good: Advanced Charitable Planning for High Donors

  • Physician Heal Thy Finances: Dissecting the Financial Lifecycle of a Medical Professional

  • Keeping a Close Eye: Examining an Ophthalmologist’s Financial Life?

  • Unwrapping the Package: How to Navigate Executive Compensation

  • Divorce Discussion: Understanding the Financial Impact

  • Operation Tax Reduction

  • Navigating Compensation: Strategies for Managing the Ways You’re Compensated

  • Juggling Work, Life, and Money: Tips for Beyond-Busy Professionals

  • Protecting Your Legacy: Making Sure Your Money Plans Stay Intact

  • Fly Fishing and Your Financial Life: How to Reel in the Retirement You Deserve

  • Less Is More (for You): Reducing Your Personal Income Tax Liability

  • Smart Exit Strategy: How to Choose a Severance Package

  • Early Retirement: Making the Future Come Faster

  • Best Financial Practices for Business Owners

  • The Healthy Life/Healthy Money Connection

  • Financial Know-How for Nonprofits

  • Spending Policy Considerations for Nonprofits

  • Business Owners : Is Your Financial Bucket Leaking?

  • The Art and Science of a Creating a Tax-Sensitive Investment Portfolio

  • Business Owners: How to Grow Assets Beyond Your Business

  • Financial Self-Defense for Seniors

  • Staying Skeptical: How to Recognize Scams that Target Seniors

  • Just in Case: Bringing Your Spouse Up to Speed on the Family Finances

  • When Aging Parents Need Help: Strategies for the Sandwich Generation

  • Financial Planning Boot-Camp: Why it’s Beyond Retirement and Investments

  • Tax-Savvy Ways to Be Generous to Your Grandkids

How can we help you?

To learn how you can have one of our speakers present to your company or organization at no cost, please email and include “Speakers Bureau” in the subject line. Or call Modera at (201) 768-4600.