How We Help

Modera serves as the leader of your financial team, handling overall coordination of aspects that can affect your financial life.  Allow us to help you put together your puzzle so you can have more free time. With your Modera team behind you, you can focus your time on what matters most to you.

Here are examples of our core financial planning service areas and the types of questions we help address:

Retirement / Life Transitions

Embracing Change

“We struggle with the life transition aspects of this next chapter. How does one start to slow down professionally? I feel like I’m good at making money but not as good at managing money.”

Income Tax Strategy


“I want to give less to Uncle Sam and have more for loved ones.  With all the tax legislation changes, it’s hard to keep up with the latest strategies that will benefit me”

Investment Management

Tailored Solution

“We don’t want a cookie-cutter solution. We want access to customized solutions; tax efficient separately managed accounts, guidance on private investments, and socially responsible investing options.”

Estate Planning & Family Wealth Transfer


“Is there a way to prevent specific people from getting an inheritance? Also, we never inherited much and we want our children to find their own way too.  How do I talk to my adult children about our wishes?”

Risk Management


“We own premium personal property. I am on the board of directors for a non-profit and we hire household employees. We’re scared of lawsuits, possibly losing all we’ve worked so hard for.”

Philanthropic Planning


“We’re passionate about supporting select causes and would like to also plan to transfer wealth to our heirs. How can we give in a tax-smart way?”

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