Two pie charts side by side. Left side: Traditional Basic Portfolio shows U.S. Large/Mid Equities(60%) and U.S. Investment Grade Fixed Income(40%). Right Side: Modera Sample Diversification shows U.S. Large/Mid Equities(25%), Diversifiers(13%), Global Real Estate(4%), Foreign Bond(7%), U.S. High Yield(5%), U.S. Investment Grade Fixed Income(19%), Emerging Markets(6%), International Small(6%), International Large/Mid(9%), U.S. Small (6%)

An investment approach designed for you.

Although your Modera team will focus on your entire financial life, a significant portion of what our clients want is help with investing. A proper investment strategy can help your money to grow, preserve your principal, and help to enable your future to go in the directions you want.

While technology has made it easier for individuals to invest on their own, the overwhelming number of options, the frequent lack of cost transparency, and the need to constantly monitor investments and the marketplace can make individual investment management daunting or difficult.

A focus on protection.

People who have acquired assets over time deserve to have those assets properly looked after and protected from big ups and downs in the market over the long term. And that is exactly what we try to do.

Modera’s investment approach has been used and refined for more than 30 years, and incorporates Nobel-prize-winning research and time-proven strategies intended to deliver you comfort now and in the future.

Our core guiding principles:

  • We consider managing your investments to be only one part of your entire financial plan, but recognize it’s often a large part.

  • We base our investment recommendations on your individual goals, your time horizon, and your risk tolerance.

  • We construct globally diversified portfolios using research-based methodologies that take expected returns and risks under consideration.

    • We strive to keep overall costs low.
    • We focus on minimizing your portfolio’s taxes.

A traditional, basic portfolio has the potential for significant risk. A globally diversified, Modera-designed portfolio is carefully constructed to make the most of market growth, and help protect you from its downturns.

Some of the benefits of Modera’s investment approach:

  • We manage over $6.95 billion* in assets, which gives us access to institutional share classes, lower cost investment options and the ability to negotiate favorable trading terms.

  • Our structured, disciplined approach allows you to stick to your portfolio’s objectives through the ups and downs in the market.

  • We will manage your investments according to a customized Investment Policy Statement created specifically for you. Designed to reflect your personal investment philosophy, this statement helps to make your investment strategy more understandable, focused, and strategic.

  • All of your portfolio assets will be combined into a single performance report, so you can review your entire portfolio’s performance at once.

  • We provide consistent management and monitoring of your portfolio to ensure your investments are aligning with your long-term objectives and goals.

  • Having Modera manage your investments will leave you more time to pursue what’s most meaningful in your life.

Conversations are at the cornerstone.

Modera’s investment management strategy is anchored in regular conversations with you. Because your needs, your tolerance for risk, your goals, and your comfort level are paramount to us.

We are here to serve you, and serve you well. It’s what you deserve and it’s all that matters. And that is something that you may not be able to easily find elsewhere.

The Modera Sample Diversification pie chart comprises the various sub-asset class investment categories currently in use in standard Modera client portfolios. It is presented for illustrative purposes only, and the sizes of the slices of the various investment categories are not representative, or intended to be representative, of any allocation percentage for any actual client portfolio or of any Modera model portfolio allocation. The investment categories shown are subject to change without notice. Diversification does not guarantee a positive return or eliminate the risk of market loss. The above example is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as investment advice.

Nothing herein should be interpreted or construed as investment advice nor as legal, tax or accounting advice nor as personalized financial planning, tax planning or wealth management advice. For legal, tax and accounting-related matters, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified attorney or accountant. This article is not a substitute for personalized investment or financial planning from Modera. The information herein should not be considered a solicitation to engage in a particular investment or financial planning strategy.

*Regulatory client assets under management as of 12/31/2021.