Your Modera relationship is intended to be a long one.

But it has to start somewhere. And that’s why the first year is so important.

It begins with you telling us your story. Where are you now? Where would you like to go? What have you done so far? What legacy do you want to leave?

During this time we’ll gather information and documents from you that will help us to view your entire financial picture and get you on the path to the future you envision. Working with Modera will give you the certainty of knowing you’ve made wise decisions.

And keep in mind, this is a story that can be revised and rewritten any time your needs change, your vision realigns, or your heart desires.

At the Beginning

Throughout your first year, we’ll connect very often and get to know each other well as we launch into establishing a comprehensive financial plan that both helps you meet your current needs and takes aim at your future goals. We’re not here just to invest your money, but to invest in a long-term relationship that you can count on to serve you now and for the rest of your life.

Your first year’s journey has three phases:

You’ll share with us your goals and needs, and we’ll tell you about how we plan to help meet them with carefully crafted, appropriate solutions. You’ll get to know your team and establish how often you’d like to meet.

The information you provide about your financial life will help us develop a picture of your unique situation. We’ll also discuss your risk level to ensure we stay within your comfort zone.

What Kind of Information Will You Provide? (PDF)

We’ll confirm how we’re going to help you get to where you want to go. You’ll receive a personalized financial plan, which will include our recommended strategies for managing your portfolio and steps for achieving your goals. You will find your plan will be highly tailored, considering all the key aspects of your financial life that you shared with us. This approach is designed to help protect your assets as well as grow them.

Together we’ll discuss “what if” scenarios, to help ensure you’re prepared for unexpected events. We’ll review your financial plan and make any desired adjustments and, when you’re ready, start on the recommended steps to get your portfolio and other aspects of your financial life on track toward your goals.

Once we’ve agreed on a plan that serves all of your financial needs, we’ll be busy executing the various pieces. We’ll connect with your accountant, estate attorney, and insurance agent to offer guidance that can help confirm the strategies we’re developing for you are being implemented throughout your entire financial picture.

We’ll also be checking in with you frequently, and hope you’ll feel free to do the same with us, to ensure you are comfortable with your team and to get all your questions answered.

As we continue on with our relationship, we will remain in touch on a regular basis, whenever it works for you and fits into your busy schedule. We also want to hear from you whenever a life change occurs. There are no additional charges for calls or meetings, regardless of the frequency.

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