Complementary Approach

Investment advisory services for foundations, endowments and other non-profits are an integral part of our practice and a natural extension of our disciplined approach to building and managing portfolios for individual clients. As a fiduciary, we understand the importance of an ethical relationship between you and your constituents, and we are prepared to offer you the same relationship.

We are a client-centered team that respects an organization’s mission and helps build resources to enhance its work for the public good, partnering easily with investment committees, board members and trustees to provide customized, highly responsive and personal services.

Full-Service Investment Partner

Our range of services for institutional clients is comprehensive and includes:

  • Ongoing guidance on investment strategies, withdrawal rates, distribution strategies and the development of a diversified investment approach designed to align with the goals and value systems of your foundation or endowment
  • A Customized Investment Policy Statement that identifies and prioritizes your entity’s financial objectives, with guidance that is structured, strategic and cost-conscious
  • Comprehensive quarterly performance reports tailored to meet the needs of your organization and scheduled reviews throughout the year to evaluate the portfolio

Whom We Serve

We provide in-depth advice and investment management services, including gifting, asset allocation, distribution strategies, and a diversified investment strategy, all designed to support the goals and objectives of the organizations we serve. We work closely with stakeholders so that portfolios are efficiently and effectively managed as well as to support their fiduciary responsibilities. We view a professional firm with the extensive resources and experience to manage and oversee an investment portfolio as a necessary consideration for any organization.