Evaluate Current Goals and Objectives

Working closely with you, we will assess your institution's current financial condition and objectives, as well as its risk tolerance. We will develop a long-term strategy designed to align with the objectives and risk parameters of your institution.

Develop Investment Policy

We will prepare a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), complete with expected rate of return targets, allocation guidelines, liquidity needs and rebalancing procedures. Ongoing investment decisions are based on the IPS, and its appropriateness will be affirmed on a regular basis.

Implement Portfolio Design

Modera will recommend specific strategies and investments to implement the asset allocation plan for the institution. We will factor in possible capital gains or losses. The execution strategy will depend on specific asset allocation as well as liquidity, tax, cost and other considerations that have been reviewed in the planning process.

Manage Portfolio

Once the portfolio design is implemented, we will work to control risk by monitoring the underlying investments and periodically rebalancing to the target asset class weight. Rebalancing occurs on the basis of how far markets have moved the portfolio allocation from the target. We utilize robust portfolio management and rebalancing technologies that allow for the monitoring and oversight of all portfolio holdings and their allocations for the assets we manage.

Measure and Report Results

Periodic reviews of needs, circumstances, and requirements are critical to help an investment plan succeed. On a quarterly basis, we will provide you with a succinct analysis of the performance and risk of your portfolio. You also will receive monthly account statements and transaction confirmations from the independent custodian holding your accounts.