July 24, 2018, 12:14 PM

Inaugural Women’s Conversation Circle

By Laurie Kane Burkhardt, CFP®

At the end of June, Modera’s Boston office launched our first Conversation Circle event for a small group of women clients and friends.  This special gathering was a facilitated conversation about our relationships with money, including sharing stories and values that we have adopted over the years.

What is a Conversation Circle, and why do women gather to participate?  Conversation Circles are not a new concept – they have roots in early human history.  Circles offer a place to explore our thoughts and feelings about topics of mutual interest, and they foster opportunities for deep connections, insightful exchanges and thought-provoking takeaways.  Circles have particular resonance with women – perhaps because community has special meaning for women.

I co-facilitated our June Conversation Circle with Iwona Cholewa from Dimensional Fund Advisors.  We shared our beliefs about money and reflected on our money stories.  The topic of money can be complex and evoke memories and emotions.  The evening unfolded with reflecting on a series of questions, journaling our thoughts and sharing our stories.  We explored our earliest money memories and how our beliefs about money may have evolved over time.  We did a deep dive into our values and considered how spending and saving money connected with our values.

At the end of the evening, we had a productive dialog about the overall circle experience.  All in all, Modera’s first Conversation Circle was a success, and we will be considering next steps to plan future similar events.  Stay tuned for details as they unfold.  If you have questions or thoughts about Conversation Circles, please contact me or another Modera Wealth Manager.

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