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2022 Q2 Investment Perspectives

The second quarter was challenging as the cornucopia of headline clichés were everywhere: soft landings, hard landings, economic jolts, wrenches getting thrown into the system, unprecedented times, etc. Take a deep breath. As difficult as this year has been, there are some things that we can hang our hat on looking forward.

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Recent Market Volatility

There are three dominant issues at play for the economy and financial markets, and they all circle around the theme of uncertainty. The first issue is the timing and pace of interest rate increases. The second issue is stock valuations and volatility. And the third dominant issue involves both inflation uncertainty and the possibility of recession. We have been discussing these topics for a while, but what is changing is the order of prioritization and the degree to which they are contributing to investor uncertainty and market volatility.

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2022 Q1 Investment Perspectives

Even though we are heading into the spring, it seems as if the market bulls are hibernating as the market bears awaken. No matter how much preparation and planning investors do to diversify portfolios, establish proper asset allocation and focus on long-term goals, it can seem like that is never enough when facing market volatility.

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Not All Indexes Are Created Equal

This Article was first published on If we truly want to discuss the “market”, we need to define it, and one way to measure the performance of a particular market is by looking at an index.

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2021 Q4 Investment Perspectives

Happy New Year. What a year we had in 2021. Between the headlines with GameStop, Tesla, Bitcoin, oil prices, interest rates, inflation, Delta, Omicron, boosters, supply chains, PCRs, MRNA, ESG, and other various letters in the Greek alphabet, it was hard at times to think about the long-term. However, that’s what we do and what we want to emphasize - the long-term benefits of investment planning and strategies – while also giving some context to the current headlines dominating the news.

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2021 Q3 Investment Perspectives

As investors, it’s easy to lose sight of the path forward when uncertainty blocks our view. The market’s myriad financial twists and turns can leave you feeling anxious up close, like being lost in a maze, but can be much easier to navigate from a 360-degree view. Here’s a look at what happened from a few perspectives.

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