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Coffee Talk with a “Sometimes Fiduciary”

I took a little time away from the office to enjoy a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. Because it was a weekday morning, there were quite a few business people meeting there too. As I sat down to enjoy my newspaper, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation next to me between a “financial advisor” and a prospective client.

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Home Refinancing: Golden Goose or Hidden Pitfall?

In the midst of 2020 market volatility, economic crisis and coronavirus fears mortgage rates just dropped to the lowest in recorded history. While home mortgage rates were already quite low by historical standards, this new wave of even lower interest rates could potentially provide you with a great opportunity to refinance your current home mortgage. What should you consider before taking the refinancing plunge with the cheaper mortgage “golden goose”?

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Retiring with Purpose

Getting ready for retirement really means being able to answer two important questions: 1. How will you pay for your retirement? 2. How will you spend your time in retirement?

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