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The Inflation Reduction Act: What It Means to You

On August 16th, President Biden signed into law H.R. 5376, otherwise known as the Inflation Reduction Act. It is significant and complex legislation. In a nutshell, its changes will impact energy, health care, and tax policy for both consumers and corporations . Below, we try to break down these issues and what it could mean for you.

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The Great Resignation: Before You Commit to Quit

Often referred to as “The Great Resignation,” people have been quitting or changing their current jobs like never before, looking for greener pastures and a perceived better quality of life. Are you mulling over an early retirement? Perhaps you are thinking of a job change; self-employment, a job at a new company or temporary time away from your current position. Regardless of your reason or goal, there are several things to consider before resigning from your current job.

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Tax Scams: The “Dirty Dozen” to Avoid

For some old movie buffs out there, the “Dirty Dozen” might harken back to the famous 1967 war movie. But there is another dirty dozen that requires watching and that is the Internal Revenue Service’s “Dirty Dozen” list of potential tax scams.

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Decanting a Trust

Irrevocable trusts are very difficult to modify even if the changes are in the beneficiary’s best interest. So what happens if things change and you need to amend it?

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