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Control What You Can Control: Minimize Your Vulnerabilities

What is risk, and how do we manage it? These are age-old questions when it comes to both investing and life. This is particularly the case today when we have a new and unpredictable war to contend with in Eastern Europe, lingering pandemic concerns, cybersecurity threats, and 40-year highs in inflation.

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Risk Management Strategies for Ophthalmologists

Whether you are just starting out in ophthalmology or own your own practice, it is never too early (or late) to consider your risk management plan. Many risk factors can come into play for ophthalmologists that go beyond malpractice. This article offers some suggestions and strategies to consider throughout your career.

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The Vacation Home Primer: Pros and Cons

The pandemic over the past year has been a challenge for everyone, and it may have you bursting at the seams for a vacation! Unsure about the pros and cons of making the leap for greener pastures? Here are some important considerations before purchasing your dream vacation home:

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