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Home Refinancing: Golden Goose or Hidden Pitfall?

In the midst of 2020 market volatility, economic crisis and coronavirus fears mortgage rates just dropped to the lowest in recorded history. While home mortgage rates were already quite low by historical standards, this new wave of even lower interest rates could potentially provide you with a great opportunity to refinance your current home mortgage. What should you consider before taking the refinancing plunge with the cheaper mortgage “golden goose”?

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Money Conversations with Adult Children

The money conversations you may have had with your children when they were growing up are certainly different once they become young adults. At some point the realities of your wealth become more tangible for them and it becomes crucial how you approach these discussions. This can affect your strategy for wealth management and how you might transfer that wealth to future generations.

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To Gift or Not to Gift?

Like many parents with adolescent or grown children, you may want to give them a financial jumpstart on their lives. You might help them to get their first car. Pay for their college or grad school tuition. Get them a foot in the door of their first home by contributing toward the down payment. Give them seed money to start a business. If you can easily afford to help your child without affecting your own future wellbeing, you may want to make a financial gift with no strings attached. Keep in mind however, there are limitations regarding how much can be gifted to someone without incurring a gift tax, which is the obligation of the giver.

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CCRCs: Another Way to Age in Place

When married couple Mara, age 67 and Lou, age 70, started thinking about the next phase of their lives they knew change was in their future. After raising three children and taking care of a large home for many years, they were ready to move to a community where the property would be maintained for them. They realized that living independently for the rest of their lives, while appealing in theory, might not be realistic.

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