We want to make sure you sleep at night.

That you’re secure in the knowledge that your financial life is in order and you’re able to enjoy what you have.

So, throughout your relationship with Modera, you will feel consistently cared for. Empowered to make financial decisions. And at ease about your financial future.

And that’s just part of what makes us different. In addition to working on ways to grow and protect your money, we also focus on the way you want to live your life right now. The way you want your future to look. The legacy you want to leave.

Throughout your relationship with Modera, you will feel consistently cared for.

Our Fiduciary Promise

You’ll receive well-rounded care.

Your financial universe is not just your cash and investments. It’s also composed of your property. Your assets and liabilities. Any debts you may have. Your retirement goals. Your charitable giving. Your family. Your insurance. And more. And we take every aspect of that universe into consideration to provide you with complete financial care.

There are no surprise fees.

We’re completely upfront about the fees you’ll pay. There will be no surprises or hidden expenses.

An investment approach focused on helping you meet your goals.

Modera’s approach to your financial life will be customized to you and you alone, accounting for your specific goals, your wishes, and your timeframe. We don’t believe in putting your money at unnecessary risk, but instead will guide you toward solutions that we believe are globally-diversified, tax-efficient, and low-cost, with an aim to bring you long-term results, and protection from downturns. This sophisticated approach is based on thorough, evidence-based research and our many decades of experience managing client portfolios with all types of complexities.

You’ll always feel supported.

While we use the latest technology to assist us, it’s the human element that further sets Modera apart. The regular conversations you’ll have with us to help ensure that your needs are being met. The prompt responses to your questions. The dedication to helping you know at all times where you stand and where you’re heading.

If you’d like us to put our approach to work for you, please contact us.