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Evidenced Based Investing One Pager
Selling a Business: What You Need to Know
Do You Have an Exit Strategy?
Coulda/Shouda/Woulda: Disability Insurance and the Business Owner
Key Financial Planning Questions for Business Owners

Modera Podcasts

The Wealth Cast Ep 21 - The Upper Limit Problem with Gary Pica

On Episode 21 of The Wealth Cast, Chas talks with Gary Pica, founder of TruMethods, which specializes in concepts and advice for Managed Service Providers in IT to grow their businesses, increase efficiencies, and boost profitability. They discuss the core of what’s holding back all businesspeople: The “Upper Limit Problem,” which is the upper limit each of us believes we deserve. Gary talks about shattering that upper limit, the importance of being willing to admit you’re wrong, and more.

Wealth Cast Episode 32 - Pat Runyen

On episode 32 of The Wealth Cast, Chas is joined by Pat Runyen of Modera Wealth Management for a discussion on the potential changes to tax law that have been introduced by the House Ways and Means Committee. These changes may impact estate planning, capital gains rates, and more. Update:  Please note that this podcast was recorded on October 8, 2021 and as such, some of the content and resources may have changed, as matters are quite fluid. Developments are under way with regard to a number of new tax law proposals as part of the Build Back Better Act, with final legislation expected to be passed by Congress soon.

Listen to the Decision Dialogues Podcast,  Featuring Successful Business Owners.

Learn about the decisions they faced and gain inspirational perspectives you can use when the time comes for you to make critical choices of your own.

On episode 28 of Decision Dialogues, Mark Willoughby and Jennifer Faherty come together to discuss the first year of the podcast and the key takeaways our business owner guests have provided through sharing their stories. They talk about the importance of passion, a life cycle, and the difficulties inherent in mixing personal and business finances.  


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Patrick D. Runyen, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Principal and Wealth Manager

Pat works closely with clients to implement wealth management solutions. He leverages his technical financial planning and consulting experience to assist clients with investment counseling, retirement planning, estate planning, wealth enhancement, asset protection, tax planning, and other personally significant financial decisions.

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Stephen Haney, CFA, Senior Financial Advisor

Steve works with clients to develop a thorough understanding of their goals and planning needs. He is responsible for analyzing investments and producing decision-useful advice that allows clients to pursue their goals with an eye toward diversification, cost reduction and discipline.

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