Wealth Management for Your Needs

No two people are alike. No two plans are alike. Only after a thorough analysis of your unique set of goals and financial picture do we begin to develop wealth management strategies specifically tailored for you. Whether you are interested in planning for retirement, establishing a steady cash flow, or funding your grandchildren’s education, your plan is customized according to your varied needs and changing circumstances.

Integrated Coordination

Our extensive financial planning services include investment management, cash flow analysis, retirement income planning, tax planning, education funding, estate planning, insurance analysis, strategic goal planning, and many other areas of wealth management. These broad capabilities allow us to take an integrated approach and address both fundamental and complex financial situations with clarity and efficiency. Whenever possible, we also collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and other professional advisors, or recommend trusted advisors, to see to it that your strategies are coordinated for your best interests.

On-going Responsive Guidance

Developing an integrated plan and investment allocation is only the first step of any financial journey. The real value comes in having a team of experienced industry professionals assisting you along the way to implement strategies and be able to respond to your changing conditions and objectives. We are your on-going partners, helping you make informed financial decisions and constantly seeking new opportunities to optimize your plan.

Long-Term Focus

We believe that consistency and stability are the cornerstones of success. Therefore, we take a long-term view with our client relationships. Through constancy of purpose and clarity of direction, we develop plans designed for you at every stage, now and into the future.

Our wealth management services are designed to be comprehensive and intended for clients with at least $2 million in investment assets.   Alternatively, in select cases where a prospective client has entered the rapid accumulation phase, our services may also be appropriate. This may apply to some licensed professionals and other business owners who have reinvested heavily in their businesses and now need to diversify separately from their core businesses.  We invite you to contact us for an initial consultation to explore if we should work together. If we are not the right firm for you, we would be more than happy to refer you to a fee-only firm that may be more appropriate.