Individualized, Long-Term Approach

We create, implement and manage diversified portfolios for individuals, designed to help you reach your long-term investment goals. We work closely with you to develop an investment policy that is customized to your unique objectives.

Take No More Risk Than Needed

Everyone wants a positive investment experience. Avoiding unnecessary risk is crucial to achieve this desire. Placing an emphasis on downside protection, we construct portfolios for risk-conscious investors with the goal of achieving a desired rate of return with the least amount of volatility. Whether you are accumulating or drawing from assets, aligning your goals with the characteristics of a portfolio helps to maintain discipline given the unpredictability of short-term performance.

Disciplined Diversification

Our approach is guided by the belief that asset class diversification is the primary determinant of portfolio variability. We measure the performance, volatility and correlation characteristics of multiple asset classes, combining them in varying proportions to create a diversified portfolio intended to achieve a desired rate of return with the least amount of risk for that level of return. Through this diversification, we look to reduce the volatility inherent in any portfolio and improve its risk management characteristics.

Actively Managed, Individually Delivered

Academic research has demonstrated that neither individual security selection nor market timing can consistently add value to long-term performance. Our investment committee carefully selects and monitors the investment vehicles used to provide asset class exposure in our portfolios. We acquire these asset classes as inexpensively as possible. In addition to traditional equity and fixed income, the inclusion of alternative asset classes provides further opportunities to lower overall portfolio volatility without sacrificing returns.