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Business owners often find themselves wearing too many hats.

Some examples of owners who come to us are inter-generational family business owners, medical or dental practice owners, law or accounting practice partners.

  • I want to focus more on the work I enjoy and less on my business’s finances.

  • I am not sure how to properly value and position my business for sale.

  • I am concerned that I am overpaying business taxes.

  • I am worried that so much of my wealth is tied up in my business.

Modera can help you to:

  • Free up your time.

  • Develop a plan for selling your business.

  • Pay the least amount of taxes possible over time.

  • Lower your business investment risk.

  • Evaluate and implement a tax savvy retirement plan for your employees and you.

Listen to Our Podcast Featuring Successful Business Owners.

Learn about the decisions they faced and gain inspirational perspectives you can use when the time comes for you to make critical choices of your own.

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