When Your Organization Needs Investment Help

Investment advisory services for foundations, endowments, and nonprofit organizations are an integral part of Modera’s practice and a natural extension of the disciplined way we build and manage portfolios for individual clients.

Choose Modera and you’ll work with a client-centered team that provides customized, highly responsive investment management services to your organization. In addition to focusing on your big-picture objectives, we will also look at the nuances and ask lots of questions to ensure that we’re hitting all the points that need to be addressed.

Modera’s investment philosophy emphasizes global diversification, low-cost portfolio implementation, and downside risk protection.

What can your organization expect from a relationship with Modera?

  • A customized approach and a diversified investment plan tailored to and respectful of your organization’s specific needs and goals

  • A respect of your risk tolerance level and any unique investment requirements

  • An aim to minimize your investment expenses

  • Reviews and rebalancing of your portfolio as necessary to manage risk

  • More time to focus on your organization’s mission

The types of organizations Modera can serve:

501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations

Charitable foundations

Educational institutions

Charitable trusts

Nonprofit societies

Professional associations

Industry associations

Library trusts


Benefit associations

How can we help your organization? Please contact us to learn more.