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Do you think it really matters who manages your company’s retirement plan? We know it does.

As an independent, fee-only consultative advisory firm, Modera does what other financial advisory firms may not.

We will:

  • customize your plan with a focus on reducing your personal tax liability through deferring compensation.

  • communicate and collaborate with your tax professionals from initial plan development through implementation and beyond.

  • give you a dedicated relationship manager, backed by a qualified team, who will answer your calls directly and always act in your best interest.

Modera’s Retirement Plan Services team members have dedicated themselves to understanding the unique needs of privately owned businesses. We are up to date with the latest rules and regulations, we explore the best options to save you money and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), and we keep in touch with you regularly.

Using a traditional employer retirement plan may seem like a smart strategy for many businesses. But they may not deliver all the advantages you need. Implementing a customized plan instead can provide you with benefits that can change the financial course of your business in many positive ways.

For example, combining a Cash Balance Plan with a 401(k) Plan can give you, among other benefits:

  • the opportunity to reduce your taxable income by up to $300,000 or more a year.
  • a way to transfer the risk of cash, that could be subject to creditors, to a protected qualified plan.
  • an effective buy-in tool for younger partners who want to avoid coming up with a down payment to buy out soon-to-retire partners.

Would a customized plan help your business?

Give us a call to find out

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An Effective Business Buyout Tool: a Cash Balance Plan

Many business owners transitioning into retirement know it can be beneficial when their younger partners choose to buy them out. However, finding a way to finance the buyout can post a significant obstacle for younger partners. While most aspiring owners may think that buying into a business can only be done with cash or loans, there is another option: a Cash Balance Plan – an innovative, hybrid retirement plan that may provide buyout funding opportunities along with an exit strategy that enables all the parties to benefit.

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