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Women & Wealth

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Why Women & Wealth

Your financial aspirations may or may not be different from your male counterparts.  However, women face unique circumstances that should be taken into account when developing a financial plan.  For example:

  • Longevity:   Women typically live longer than men, on average by 6 to 8 years according to the World Health Organization.1

  • Pay Gaps:   In 2020, women earn 81 cents for every dollar a man makes.2

  • Career Gaps:   Half of working females have taken a break sometime in their career.3

  • Sandwich Generation:  Caring for both children under 18 and aging elders while also managing professional and other personal responsibilities can be daunting.  Although both men and women can identify with these struggles, studies show that more women than men report feeling stressed and having issues with managing stress.4

Modera can help you to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account longevity assumptions and any potential gaps.

  • Align your investment risk.

  • Pay the least amount of taxes possible over time.

  • Maximize the way you use assets to fund your financial goals.

  • Navigate financial matters that arise from being a caregiver for your children and your elders.

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